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This website is dedicated to displaying work that I have done either professionally or creatively. All work found on this site was written by me, James Bright. Please take some time to look around!

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James Bright holds a BA in English, with a Minor in Creative Writing; as well as, an MBA in Business Administration. His passion is and has always been learning and writing. Over the last few years, James has been able to blend his writing skills with his business knowledge.

His resume highlights the years he spent building his skill levels in multiple channels. The majority of his experience has focused on learning & development (both curriculum development and classroom/virtual training), succession planning, excellence in team building, project management and implementation, sales and business management with a consistently strong emphasis on employee development, quality customer service, product knowledge, and the development of positive client relationships.

He hopes that he can continue to use his writing, training, and business skills to help organizations advance their training, communications, or development plans. For more information on how he can assist your organization, hit the mail icon above!


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